It is fantastic to have your back to Piazza San Marco, and from the pier to look over the San Marco basin. You can see the triangular tip of the Dogana, and the Giudecca island, where the imposing Church of the Santissimo Redentore dominates. If you drag your gaze from right to left along the entire Giudechina island and at a certain point, the eye makes a jump on a small channel and you finally see the island of San Giorgio. It is no coincidence that millions of tourists every year, photograph the length and breadth of this islet from which flows the traditional and beautiful line of the basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore and its monastery. It is no coincidence that dozens of painters every year decide to trap in their paintings the astounding vision of the island of San Giorgio in which it seems that the Basilica and the Monastery, by a divine miracle, are floating there in the placid waters of the Venetian lagoon. The beauty of the facade of the Basilica has a reason of great importance, it was in fact designed by Andrea Palladio, who with his artistic sagacity was able to give the Basilica of San Giorgio a charm comparable to the beauties just discovered in San Marco.