Venice. It is enough to hear this word, for our minds to be filled with emotions and memories. Romantic panoramas, glimpses that seem to be painted by hand, by the craziest and most visionary impressionist painter. It takes madness to think of creating from nothing, in the unstable equilibrium of a hundred or more islets, an immortal city made of art, culture, history and beauty.

Because in every corner, in every rio, in every calletta, you can find a piece of history that at times is intertwined with the myth of a city that was the nerve centre of the Mediterranean. In each field, in front of any of the more than three hundred churches, you will find a monument, a stone corner that echoes the glory that was, and the beauty that still today after almost a millennium pulsates in the Venice area.

The years go by, millions of tourists dig it like water digs a stream, but She is undeterred and full of a strength that only a lion, symbol of the city, can have, shows herself to everyone, with the pride that has distinguished her, with the colours, and the scents and also the problems that sometimes make her limp. This is Venice, accustomed to greater challenges than its name, and where a Venetian swears for yet another high water, there a tourist from Japan is happily reflected in the magnificent double view of Piazza San Marco, drowned by the umpteenth high water. Where a gondolier gets lost, afflicted by a thick fog, an English tourist photographs a mystical landscape and immortalizes something on the edge of reality.

This is Venice, and here begins a journey into the journey, where history joins culture and where the common ground of every experience is the wonder, the wonder of seeing floating on the calm and winding waters of Venice, simply something fantastic.

Venice is an island lying on the gulf that takes its name, in the north of the Adriatic Sea. It is the capital of the Veneto Region, but defining it simply like this is absolutely misleading, Venice, is a heritage of whole humanity, which attracts to itself, every year, more than 7 million tourists, and each of them, left the Venetian island, are aware that something inside themselves has definitely changed, and that the memory of Venice will never leave them.

The only way to describe an entity like Venice is to walk through its places of worship and touch the main hubs of its urban fabric, testimony to the development of Venice in history.