Rialto Bridge

Another emotional and aesthetic symbol of the Venetian island is certainly the Rialto Bridge. Together with the Accademia Bridge, the Scalzi Bridge and the new Calatrava Bridge, it is the only one to cross the Grand Canal, the great lagoon “road”, a true water and central artery of Venice. It is undoubtedly the most famous and beautiful bridge in Venice and certainly the oldest, since its construction ended in 1591, it is simply defined by the lagoon citizens as the king of Venetian bridges. The Rialto bridge created to put the inhabitants of Venice in communication with the emerging and crucial Rialto market, formerly the nerve centre of Venetian trade, evokes the entire maritime and commercial history of the Venetian island. The majesty makes Ponte Dei Ponti resemble a real triumphal arch thrown over the Grand Canal, to seal the grandeur of the lagoon city. A bridge consisting of a single arch that supports the twenty-four shops that are placed on the sides of the climbs, twelve on each side. There are three climbs, one central, about ten meters wide and composed of large steps grouped at five and two lateral, narrower and from which you can see the magical snake of the Grand Canal, full of boats and gondolas. At the top of the bridge, on the central open space, the rows of shops are joined by two large arches that give the bridge a fantastic aesthetic touch and a unique elegance, which has made it famous throughout the world. It is truly a joy to climb and descend this bridge, surrounded by hundreds of tourists who are amazed to immortalize with photos and videos a unique bridge, which offers an incredible view of the Grand Canal from the highest point. In fact, it is beautiful to rest your elbows on the white stone balustrade of the bridge and watch the slow flow of the water of the canal below, being captivated by unforgettable views and lights.