The atmosphere in Piazza San Marco

We close our eyes for a moment and think for a moment that we are on the wings of one of the many doves that run around Venice. We are flying over a large basin of water, the basin of San Marco, and from high slowly we glide towards the maritime entrance of Piazza San Marco.

The dock to the drawing room of Europe, because this is also the name of the only true square in all of Venice. The gateway to this symbolic place seems to all intents and purposes a harbour entrance, with these two access columns that seem to open the arms of Venice to the whole world.

The very high marble columns of San Marco and San Teodoro lead us into the small square of San Marco bordered on the right by the majestic Palazzo Ducale and on the left by the Marciana Library. The Marciana Library is an imposing structure built on two floors with elegant arches of the Tuscan order on the ground floor and on the second floor, an Ionic order loggia, dominated by sculptures that enrich its beauty and uniqueness.

To recover from the majesty of these two buildings we take two steps towards the heart of Piazza San Marco, and we find ourselves in front of the suggestive Basilica of San Marco. In front of the basilica there is “el paron de casa”, the bell tower of San Marco which literally stuns for its grandeur, its size and its height of 99 meters.

 Next to the basilica is the Clock Tower, a Renaissance-style building that also captivates tourists with its aesthetic beauty.

In front of the basilica, there is the real square, an endless paved open space enclosed by the very famous Procuratie, or imposing neoclassical buildings that delimit one of the most beautiful squares in the whole world.