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Civic Museums

Venice, city of beauty, romantic city par excellence, but first of all, a city rich in a glorious multi-thousand-year history and European capital of art. To celebrate all these components, Venice offers visitors a wide range of Civic Museums where tourists can relive the greatness of the history of Venice and its protagonists. Among the most important museums, there is that of the Palazzo Ducale, Ca ‘Rezzonico, Ca’ Pesaro and the museum of Palazzo Mocenigo. However, one cannot speak of Museums, without mentioning the Correr Museum, which is one of the most important and representative of the city. The museum takes its name from the Venetian nobleman and collector passionate about art, Teodoro Correr, who devoted most of his life to collecting artistic artefacts of all types. The Venetian nobleman created a huge collection that he decided to make available as a museum and on his death he donated to the city of Venice, together with the building where it was kept. The Correr museum is located in Piazza San Marco and occupies part of the Procuratie Nuove and the spaces of the Napoleonic Wing, embracing the Piazza di San Marco for three-quarters. The Correr Museum, through the proposal of works of great historical and artistic value, tells the glorious history of Venice from the dawn to its annexation to the Kingdom of Italy. In this elegant and prestigious museum, there is a collection, the real highlight of the collection preserved and guarded here, that of the most famous sculptor of the time, Antonio Canova, who lived until the end of his days in his beloved Venice.